As we mentioned before, the Viscera Film Festival and founder Shannon Lark are in Ireland at the University College of Dublin today and tomorrow for a symposium about Gender, Sexuality, and Horror hosted by Dr. Emma Radley. If you missed today, check with Dr. Radley to see if there’s room in tomorrow’s presentation! 

And, if you’re free on the night of May 20, head over to the Sugar Club for the afterparty (more specific details, such as cover price, on the graphic below. :D)

In case you missed it when this was posted in late February, here is the segment of Inside Horror featuring Viscera Film Festival founders Shannon Lark and Heidi Honeycutt discussing all things Viscera, women in horror, and their February 25 charity event MARROW which was a drive to sign people up to donate their bone marrow (the link goes to the Facebook event page, but there you can learn more about the event.)

(For the full episode, go here:

Watch this recent episode of » Women In Horror and hear what Heidi Honeycutt and Shannon Lark have to say about the Viscera Film Festival, the upcoming Bone Marrow Charity Drive, and their unfiltered thoughts about women’s roles in the horror genre - both behind the camera as well as in front of it.